I propose we create jobs…Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs started Apple from the Garage above and below is the new offices of Apple. I think the new offices look like the home button on the IPhone…nice if it is purely coincidental…I doubt it.

Anyways, not even Steve Jobs started Apple to create jobs (see what I did there) this fascination in this country about creating jobs is not the best of strategies in my humble opinion. We should be pooling all those resources ear marked for creating jobs to creating entrepreneurs and therefore new businesses. We are in a recession precisely because currently corporate South Africa is not growing the economy fast enough, so how in hell are they going to be creating more jobs?

Greatest growth comes from the lowest base, so if new businesses are started they are likely to grow faster and therefore ultimately employ more people. Yes they are also likely to fail. But let’s remember that every big company in the world was started by an entrepreneur, and even if some or most fail, the few that do make it can be as game changing as Apple above.

But importantly we need to create a culture that is not risk averse…that creates a fertile ground for creation and innovation. I doubt that Steve Jobs would have achieved what he did if he was born in Milwaukee or in some one horse town in the US. Silicon Valley was and is fertile ground for entrepreneurs. A risk averse climate allows entrepreneurs to solve for a need and not job creation. The really talented ones, the crazy ones, the square pegs in the round hole..:will not only solve for the need but will create the need.

So I propose we create jobs…Steve Jobs.

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