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School is a waste of time

Entrepreneurship regrows your brain from the damage that school has done.

The only thing I learnt at Varsity was the ability to procrastinate, cram and regurgitate. In fact, I learnt more in culinary school than I did in my masters program. The curricular in school and university is not only outdated but it is also mostly taught by people who have never done any of the things they teach. You see culinary school is different, you get taught by a qualified chef, you learn theory, you do practicals and you get examined on both. Over and above that you have to do industry placement, where you work between 6 months and a year in industry. You get theory and practicals. All education should be theory and practicals, I can read all theory on cooking I like but that won’t make me a chef. Experience is as important if not more important than theory.

Is it any wonder that we have so many university graduates with “qualifications’ but are unemployed? I bet if we’re to do an analysis; most of the graduates that are unemployed will claim that they can’t get jobs because employers want people that have experience. They will contend how are they to get experience if they can’t get work. I would put forward that a very small percentage of people who studied for courses that have built in practicals are unemployed.

Well then what’s the solution? A degree should never be three years long! It should be

a year or at most 18 months! You do a year’s worth of theory then the next two years you go work. Instead of giving the university the two additional years of tuition you pay me your new employer to teach you. I then use the same tuition to pay you a “salary”. I will give you the best education as you will be learning on the job. In turn if you are a great student I keep you after the two years is up. What’s in it for me as an employer? I get free labor for two years. The alternative; go do your three year university degree to become unemployed. Your call.

The only exception to my one year university program is if you study medicine, engineering , and perhaps law, but I would still take a year off each of these programs, they are just too long. Medicine already has built in real life practicals. This is why you don’t find unemployed doctors or pharmacists. This also applies to pilots, lawyers, plumbers, electricians , chef’s, etc. These fields are both professions and vocations. Meaning you can be both employed and or work for yourself straight off the batt!

I also think we need to bring back conscription for the above disciplines, the same way that med students have to go through it. When you are finished with these speciality degrees, you have to go do community service. Engineers must go build schools for the state and lawyers must go do pro bono work. Remember we would have already reduced the years of theory study where possible, the time reduced can be replaced with practicals.

We need to bring back military service too! Yeah I said it!

I was in Israel and everyone there goes to the army after school. Nothing is as sexy as a blond lady carrying a semi automatic machine gun, ok maybe that’s just my fetish.

The army teaches leadership at a young age and does so at the most intense situation possible. Leading people in war like scenarios will put hair on your chest. You will learn things that no business school can ever teach you. You will learn leadership, communication, decision making as well as the most basic and yet most important skill; following instructions. It is mind blowing, how many people just can’t follow simple instructions. You will also learn self defense and best practices on how to stay fit. See what I did there?!

This video best explains the importance of the military click here it is worth a watch. Life is the best teacher. Life is not a Petri dish, to learn anything you have to do it!

Besides most of these professions are going to be replaced by machines and AI in the next 5 years, and machines can out learn us humans a 1000 times to 1. To be able to compete in the future we need start focusing on professions like design, art, robotics and software development. These jobs can be taught as on the job training. Some of the best inventions by the way, were created by the military. Radar, solid state hard drives, internet, jet engines, Jeep, duct tape and the list is very long. So this may prove a win win investment.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Feel free to drop a comment as most of you send them directly to me, but if you put them below, then everyone can engage.

Ps; if the comment is regarding spelling and grammar, all I have to say to all the Bonang copy writers is that I type these on my phone with very little time. It’s no excuse it’s the truth. I hope it’s the gist that’s important. Will endeavor to do better, always. Thank you for the good feedback.

Actually point out the errors and I will fix them.

One thought on “School is a waste of time

  1. Tsakani says:

    Check out Sir Ken Robinson Ted talk, quite an interesting perspective. I tend to align myself to that type of thinking.

    I guess one would have to also examine the purpose of education and its function in the pre and post industrial era.

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