Black People Do Read

With Bonang’s book writing scandal doing the rounds this afternoon it got me thinking. So many people have been critical about how badly the book has been written and edited. I can’t comment as I have not yet read the book myself. I do think it is a good thing that we are starting to get more local content in South Africa with regard to; books, music and movies. The quality of the products will improve with time like with everything else. To create a culture that reads and values the arts, it’s a very good thing for the future of South Africa.

We have so many great stories that need to be told and yes they must be told well too. As we all know it’s not always the what; it is the how and the why too, that matters. I am glad to brag that my book was one of the most stolen books at Exclusive books. I think Somizi now owns that title. The stereotype that black people don’t read was buried by the long queues that waited to buy Somizi’s book. Proving perhaps that black people do read they just don’t read content that does not relate to their lives. So as more people write local content and stories that are relatable, we should see more people reading . I on average read two books a month, I am currently reading 4 books concurrently. It was cool to buy a book at Exclusive books and the cashier saying hey you are an author! You qualify for an authors discount. I was glad, books are damn expensive.

I am not sure you can be a good author if you don’t read voraciously. Also reading is a culture that gets started whilst young. You will read if people around you read. My mother is a big reader and I think even though she doesn’t have any schooling to speak off, reading has put her in good stead and enabled to achieve far more than most people with the same educational background have done.
My son learned to read in three months, his was pull rather than a push. He wanted to learn to read because he was tired of asking me what the iPad was saying every time a message popped up. Reading for him was a necessity. Now the fight is to balance what he reads on screen and what he reads in a book.

It is Friday and I doubt most of you have even read this far, I bid you a good weekend and hope you will go buy a book, hopefully one that is local and read it over the weekend!


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