702 – How the fictional Vuyo’s Wors became a real (wildly successful!) business

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Miles Kubheka about his new book “Vuyo’s – From a Big Big Dreamer to Living the Dream” for his weekly business book review.

Kubheka is famous for turning the much-loved Hansa Pilsener TV ad “Vuyo’s Wors” into a successful food business.

Description on Amazon:

Many people became familiar with the phrase, “Ooh Vuyo – he’s such a big big dreamer” from the TV beer commercial that told a rags-to-riches story about an entrepreneur who starts a business selling boerewors rolls and grows it into a successful multinational business.

Wondering whether it was a true tale; Miles Kubheka did some research.

When he discovered that Vuyo was a fictitious character, he saw a gap in the market for developing an exciting business model.

Moving from his solid IT background into the food business was a major change for Miles, but he took the plunge into an industry he knew nothing about.

One step at a time, building on experience often learned from past failures, and with more than a little flair, he created a successful food business.

He told his story to anyone who would listen and in time found himself being asked to give motivational talks, initially to groups of students.

But the word spread; people were inspired by his story.

Before he knew it; Miles was sharing his insights at global platforms such as TEDx and to large audiences at corporate conferences.

This book is not a “recipe for success”.

It is rather many recipes which Miles shares with an enthusiasm that will encourage and inspire budding young entrepreneurs to achieve their own dreams of business success.

Listen to the inspirational Kubheka:

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