Size does not matter!

I don’t get why small business are called small business or SMME. Big business is not called big business, it’s just business. The moment you diminutive descriptor to it you subconsciously box it’s significance. Let’s be honest no one likes anything small. Bigger is always better and more is never less, it’s more.

The size of the business does not matter as long as it is a business and it generates an income. The above pic shows that even today’s biggest businesses had a humble beginning. The garage seems to be significant in starting businesses. When you look around today people live in gated apartments with no garages. People today don’t make anything with their hands anymore. We don’t even fix things anymore. We just rip and replace. We don’t know how things work. YouTube can show you with the most amazing detail how things work but most people couldn’t be bothered.

Did you know that we still don’t know how ancient Egyptians built the pyramids? With all the tech we have we still don’t know how those guys built the pyramids. The Egyptians managed to build pyramids with no computers or internet, its simply astonishing. Imagine what we could achieve today if everyone was building something in their garage no matter how big or small.

By building I mean, making dresses, baking cakes, making sauces, making wire cars, tinkering with a car engine, making sculpture, electronics, etc. It does not matter whether you are making an app or creating music, what matters is that every Saturday or after dinner you go into your workshop and you get your hands dirty. People have a “study” in their homes, and yet often there is not a single book in those “studies”
A garage is a perfect place to go to cool off when your spouse has pissed you off. It’s place that you and your child can make something together. Makes no sense to have a room in the house that is reserved for a car.

Convert the garage into a workshop, then you have the cheapest factory per square meter anywhere! A garage is a perfect size and has great ventilation and therefore you can create anything from there assuming it’s not too noisy.
The biggest mistake entrepreneurs often make is rushing to get fancy offices and retail space. Work from your garage, no rent plus it’s tax deductible.

The only size that should matter is the size of your vision. The only thing that should be parked in your garage is your potential. Your potential should be worked on every chance you have. Go on and unleash your potential!

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