Wired Differently

I met Conti two years ago. When I met him he was building a life size Ford Mustang with wire. He was inside building the door panel. I was blown away by the pure genius of this guy. This was both art and science. In fact it was, a sculpture and a functional piece of art .

Till this day I don’t understand why this guy is not designing cars for Ferrari? His work is simply spell binding. His love for cars is rivaled on by his talent. When he builds a wire car all the dimensions are to scale to the real thing. The attention to detail is such that door handles work, the gear lever shifts, steering wheels turns the wheels and yes the engine works. You can see the pistons moving! Did I mention that all this is made of wire. This level of detail applies whether he is building a life size 1:1 aspect car or a small model car.

Conti though barely makes ends meet, even though his wire cars are on desks of the McClaren CEO and the Rolls Royce CEO.

I think Conti’s biggest Mistake was that he was born in the wrong place. Had he been born to a middle income family somewhere or perhaps had the opportunity to attend a university, we would be driving in one of the cars he has designed today.

I think most people who read this blog have a talent in some shape or form but must afraid to go and realize it. There is certainly nothing worse than an unrecognized talented person.

I think only artist and to some extent entrepreneurs understand this. History is littered with many artists who died poor only for their work to be worth millions posthumously.

Conti is wired differently, and sees things differently. That’s his genius. Sadly however his genius is both a gift and a curse. He enjoys building his cars so much that the business side of his business is non existent. He costs his cars pretty much on a thumb suck. His business does not scale because he builds all the cars himself. He could make so much money building his cars and selling them as corporate gifts. He could sell a truck load to corporates like BMW and Merc. That takes forward thinking because those orders he should have gotten at the beginning of the year in order to be able to produce them for November.

Conti works in his business as opposed to on it.

But perhaps it’s not too late for him, perhaps you who is reading this blog, you work for an events company, a car manufacturer or are just in a position to help, then check out this guy’s work here. This is not charity, it’s simply recognizing talent in action.

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