It’s time to rebrand Africa

It’s time to rebrand Africa. I heard Akon the musician say Africa’s problem is that it does not market itself well. When you hear America you hear land of the free and the American dream. They have Hollywood as machine that tells their stories to the world. When you hear about Africa it is still about wars, famine, corruption and dictatorships.

Every country in the world has problems but not every country airs its dirty linen like Africa does. Hey… you have issues in your family too but you don’t go to Sunday World to tell everyone about it.
Israel branded themselves as a start up nation, and you see it when you go there everyone is working on something. We too were on this path with rainbow nation (although there is no black in a rainbow, and all the colors of the rainbow make up white) then there was alive with possibilities. This was a good one but like the rainbow before it, it didn’t exactly tell you what we are about. It told us we were pregnant but didn’t tell us the sex of the baby or when it was due. Then there was the African Renaissance, loved that one because like the European renaissance it was saying it was an era of rebirth and recreation! Problem is no one in Africa (except francophone countries) knew what renaissance meant, so we couldn’t buy into it. More importantly no one in the rest of world knew what it meant either… so we couldn’t sell it. So I propose;

Created in Africa.
I like this because Africa is a cradle of mankind, africa created many firsts, pyramids, libraries, etc. it pays homage to the past whilst firmly looking into the future. The future of the world will be about creativity as computers and machines replace man in science and automated services. One thing machines cannot replicate is creativity. Remember Made in Taiwan that became made in China?! See what rebranding did for China? We need start creating everything instead of digging for everything.
Branding is everything.

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