Privilege to Supremacy

I would have thought the spectrum moves from privilege to supremacy. Watching what has been happening in the US with the riots this week it became abundantly clear to me that the spectrum starts with supremacy. Privilege in fact is the beneficiary of supremacy. Privileged people tend to have generational wealth and because of this they can literally afford to be liberal. Rocking the boat is not in their interest. If you dig deep you will find that this generational wealth in most cases, was acquired in a sordid manner. The privileged like to let the sleeping dogs lie.

After watching Donald Trump become the US president I was convinced that the hatred he spewed was as a result of his privileged background. I thought his Make America Great Again ideals we’re based from privilege. If you look at who voted for him it now all makes sense. Why would the poor vote for a guy who was privileged all his life? Simple, he told them that the reason they were poor was; the Mexicans. He said the Maxicans were stealing their jobs! Crab mentality did the rest. For good measure he even offered a solution a wall….a Great Wall. The party that will win the 2019 SA elections is going to say the same thing…watch! Remember this Read here

The need for Supremacy is spawned by lack of economic progress. There is nothing new here. This is how Hitler managed to galvanize a whole nation around Aryan nazism ideals during the poverty stricken post world war 1 Germany. Basically a hungry man is an angry man. Signs of this can be seen all over the world, from Brexit, xenophobia in SA, to ISIS. Whether you call it extremism, racism, anti semitism or xenophobia, it’s all one thing. It all stems from economics or more precisely lack thereof. Everyone wants to be privileged even if it is at the expense of someone else. And as I have mentioned the guys at the top of the step stood on someone on their way to the top.

What has been disappointing to me has been what little coverage the declassified apartheid papers have received. “Open Secrets collected approximately 40,000 archival documents from 25 archives in seven countries. This treasure trove contains damning details of the individuals and corporations that propped up apartheid and profited in return. Many of these documents were kept secret until now. Most remain hidden despite South Africa’s transition to democracy.” You have to read the Daily Maverick coverage; Must Read

Naspers’ market cap today is R1 trillion rand! When you understand how they colluded and funded PW Botha’s apartheid government that killed thousands of people and imprisoned global icons such Mandela, Sisulu, Mbekis. Complicit with a government that killed icons such as Biko, Hani, Peterson. When Naspers was given the opportunity to atone at the TRC they refused.

I have heard media being blamed many times. People would say media is driving a “specific agenda”. The Donald is finding out the hard way #FakeNews. I would often roll my eyes at this . But let us consider that many wars have been won through propaganda. The central message of great propaganda is patriotism. Patriotism is the reason people kill for their beloved countries. If you look carefully, you will find that “god” and country is under the surface of xenophobia, racism, anti Semitic and extremism behavior.

Propaganda is the virus but to spread a virus quickly, you need a great carrier. Media is the perfect carrier.

I am not here to bury Caesar, I am here to honor him.

It is because of Media that we now know about SAP, KPMG, Software AG, Mckinsey and the many more that will still come out.

My only gripe is that all this money was expatriated outside South Africa. How many home grown businesses could we have been started with this money. Thanks to Media we now also know about the sordid beginnings of Naspers, Barlow World, Shoprite, and PG glass. Water under a bridge I hear you say? Never. We must never forget, because as the US has “Demon”strated this week, history has a funny way of repeating itself. At the rate our bridges are collapsing ….we may need SAP, KPMG, Software AG, Mckinsey to do some consulting.

But in all seriousness, SA needs a great foundation, to build a supreme economic infrastructure. Let’s learn from the past and present and not MAKE GREAT MISTAKES AGAIN.

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