Scandal Fixer

Tjo! From Grace Mugabe to Dep Minister Manana, there seems to be a lot of rage in the country at the moment. And it seems people are taking matters into their own hands.

Why do high profile individuals such as ministers and First Ladies have body guards? Surely, it is not just to guard their safety but also to protect them from being in tricky situations in the first place. Body guards are supposed to protect their clients against everyone including themselves. They are called the secret service (aka VIP protection) for a reason. What they do is self titled🙄.

And should the body guards fail to protect the high profile individual, then enters an Olivia Pope to get ahead of the scandal. Just because you are the First Lady or minister it does not mean you will not, like the rest of us, make questionable decisions spurred by the heat of the moment. The amount of people who “should have known better” is a mile long. Even good people can sometimes do bad things. But let’s assume you have now put your foot in the proverbial kak, there should be a system and mechanisms to FIX the problem. I am not saying because one may be a high profile person the law should treat them differently. I am merely saying; because one is a high profile person the law gets complicated. The truth as my trilogy on privilege has demonstrated, we are all not equal even in the eyes of the law.

The higher you climb the harder the fall. The law in fact may even judge you more harshly because a person of your “stature” should have known better. The Grace Mugabe debacle is the reason why high profile politicians get diplomatic immunity. Whether Grace Mugabe qualifies for diplomatic immunity or not as she is not a government official is besides the point. She is married to a sitting head of state. The Zimbabwean secret service should have never let what happened happen in the first place. They should have protected the Zimbabwean First Lady against herself.

But it has happened, now what? I don’t think a First Lady has ever been arrested anywhere in the world let alone arrested in a foreign country. This is a diplomatic nightmare that only a Fixer can fix. Add to it what happened with Al Bashir, all eyes are now on how this matter is going to be handled. Waterloof Air Force base can’t afford another scandal. The SA government is between a rock and a hard place, and this time it is due to no fault of their own. What was needed in this situation was the Fixer. The Fixer needed to get ahead of this before it made it to the media. Don’t get me wrong, I am not proposing that physical abuse and the abuse of power should ever be condoned. The problem here is how do you carry out justice in this case. Luckily justice has a price. Justice could be served in the form of compensation.

This is why companies like Bell Pottinger exists. Do I think this is moral? I have said this before, moral high ground is expensive real estate. The truth is, it matters not whether you and I think it is immoral. It’s been happening. Do you know how many global scandals that have never been reported? Yup, that’s how good the Fixers are, in the rest of the world.

Bell Pottinger has been described as having “the most controversial client list” in the PR industry. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the company was hired by the Pentagon to work in Iraq, making fake terror and news-style videos, against the interests of al-Qaeda for the reported sum of $540m. #fake_news_is_real

The Fixer would have had both parties settle on an amount and make the story go away before it was even a story. Reparations are a legitimate form of justice. B*+^ better have my money! Take the money and go start an electric chord business.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember ethics is what you do when no one is watching. What happens in the dark comes out in the light.

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